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If you want a good quality, extremely durable oriental rug, look no further than the Heriz products. These Persian rugs come from the Heris tribe in East Azerbaijan, which is located in northwest Iran.

Despite the seemingly ordinary design and material used to produce these oriental rugs and carpets, Heris weaving products are anything but ordinary.

Heriz Rug Style

Heriz rugs posses a distinct style and feature tribe-specific patterns that set them items apart from nearby weaving territories’ products. This unmistakable pattern features dominant geometric patterns that make Heriz rugs unique.

Typically, this culture’s weaving pattern has one huge central medallion shape. Surrounding that shape are various geometrically disfigured floral patterns. Most rugs and carpets also feature a thick border around the perimeter of the rug that also includes the geometrically disfigured floral forms.

Heriz Rug Color Schemes

When designing these rugs, weavers use boldly heraldic color schemes. This means that most products use strong shades of brick red, deep blues, and burnt orange with ivory, yellow ochre, and muted reds and blues as accents and secondary hues.

Intricately woven and skillfully made Heriz carpets and rugs are regarded as some of the most powerfully made Persian decorative designs. However, these rugs use lower quality knotting fineness than Persian rugs. This lower knotting fineness places these products at a lower market value than their Persian rug counterparts.

Heriz Durability

Just because Heriz weaving products are not known for their high knotting fineness does not mean that these rugs are not sturdy purchases. Part of what makes these rugs and carpets so unique is the wool that makes the weavers thread.

The wool used to weave these rugs comes from the sheep that the Heris tribesmen raise around their home. The Heris tribe sits on a major copper deposit, and it’s speculated that the water that the sheep drink has trace amounts of copper in it. When the minute amounts of copper are absorbed into the sheep’s systems, they produce high quality and extremely resilient wool.

This wool makes the rugs significantly more durable and structurally sound than other rugs.

Heriz Rug Investment

Consumers can purchase Heriz weaves ranging from the low to middle price ends. Their lower, very affordable prices makes Heriz rugs financially appealing to many consumers.

As for investment pieces, only extremely high quality Heriz pieces – for example products with a knotting fineness towards the upper end of 100 knots – make for great investments. However, these rugs will last a long time and would make great additions in any living space.

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