Privacy Policy

Your Confidential Information is Safe With Us

     We at Damoka Rugs only collect normal traffic data from site visitors. We do not collect or keep any personal information about our visitors.

     Any phone numbers, names and addresses sent to us will not be sold or given to any other parties. We will not misuse your personal information, and we ensure its security. Whatever information you provide us with will be used for the expressed and singular purpose of serving you as a customer.

     E-mail addresses sent to us will not be sold or misused in any way. We never share your information with any third party under any circumstances.

     Credit Card Numbers and Bank Account Information: Once again, this information, when provided to us for the reason of conducting business, will not be misused EVER. In addition, it is always kept in a secure manner where it may never be accessed by any outside parties.

     If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, or would like to request any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached over the phone at 310-475-7900. To email an inquiry, please direct your messages to

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